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Patches of tiny red or bluish blood vessels known as spider veins aren't normally harmful, but can appear unsightly. If you're looking for an effective treatment for spider veins, board-certified dermatologists Navid Nami, DO, and Leila Ettefagh, MD, at Island Dermatology can help using sclerotherapy. This minimally invasive treatment painlessly destroys the problem veins to give you healthy, clear skin. To benefit from expert sclerotherapy treatment, call the Island Dermatology office in Newport Beach, Glendora, Downey, Santa Ana, or Victorville, California, or book an appointment online today.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is one of the most effective ways of dealing with troublesome spider veins.

These networks of tiny red, blue, or purple veins look like spider webs, which is where they get their name. Spider veins can develop anywhere but are most likely to appear on your face and legs. They're very common, especially in older people.

In general, spider veins aren't dangerous, but they can be unsightly. They form when blood gathers in the tiny capillaries (blood vessels) just under your skin. Spider veins may be an early sign of vein disease, and could indicate you’re at risk of developing varicose veins in future.

If you would like to remove these unattractive skin blemishes, sclerotherapy could be one of your best options.

What does sclerotherapy involve?

Sclerotherapy is a straightforward in-office procedure. It involves injecting a liquid or foam into the spider veins that irritates them and causes them to collapse. The liquid or foam sclerosant isn't harmful to your body and naturally disappears after treatment.

After collapsing, the spider veins close down, and blood can no longer get through. This isn't a problem, as you have many other blood vessels it can use. The treated veins gradually break down and your body disposes of the remains, so there's no trace of the spider vein pattern.

Sclerotherapy typically causes no pain and only minimal discomfort. You might like to have some numbing cream at the injection site, but otherwise you don't need any anesthesia.

What happens after my sclerotherapy treatment?

After your sclerotherapy treatment, you might need to wear bandages for a day or two, followed by compression hose for a couple of weeks to support the treated veins.

Sclerotherapy requires very little downtime. After your treatment, you can continue with your day as normal; just avoid any strenuous activities in the first week.

You may only need one sclerotherapy treatment, but extra sessions might be necessary if your spider veins are extensive.

If you're keen to see the back of your unsightly spider veins, call Island Dermatology to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.


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